This is my brand new blog about nutrition with a focus on whole-food plant-based diets. I am updating as frequently as my busy schedule allows. While I do not have the RDN credential, I do follow the credo of presenting information that I know is supported by evidence-based peer-reviewed research.
You might think dietitians and aspiring dietitians are the food police. I don’t think of myself as the police. I think of myself as a tour guide. There is a wonderful world of plant-based cuisine out there. Not all of it is super-healthy, but I do sincerely believe all of it is delicious and satisfying. Kale and broccoli has a place in my heart alongside pizza, tacos, and dairy-free chocolate ice cream. Kale and broccoli on pizza and tacos actually sounds pretty good right about now.

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Elliott Kim

Elliott Kim

Aspiring Dietitian

I am a junior at the University of Tennessee. This new career path has inspired me and gave me a new life that I am enjoying immensely.



The Different Types of Vegetarians

There are different types of vegetarians. My goal here is to clear up the confusion about which is which. defines vegetarian as: “a person who does not eat or does not believe in eating meat, fish, fowl, or, in some cases, any food derived from animals,  as eggs or Read more…

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