My first name is Elliott. My last name is KimHello, and welcome!

My name is Elliott and I have decided to start this blog because I care about nutrition and healthy eating. This passion for healthy eating inspired me to go back to school at age 42 to pursue a degree in Nutrition. I took the first 2 years worth of classes at a community college, and I am about to start at the University of Tennessee in less than 2 weeks!

When I started this new chapter in my life, I hadn’t been in a college classroom in 20 years. I had some of the usual fears that older students have. However, after the first few days of the semester, I felt like I fit right in. There were many other adult students. The students fresh out of high school proved to be a pleasant surprise. I got along great with them too. The kids provided just as much inspiration as the single parents fighting against the odds to keep it together enough to graduate with honors.

I have already brainstormed on several ideas for blog posts. Writing and publishing them is next. I don’t know how frequently I’ll post or what my schedule will permit, but I will strive to provide the most accurate information to the best of my abilities. There is so much information out there and even more misinformation. It takes a critical mind to sort it all out. As a student, it is my responsibility to present the most accurate information possible, especially since food and nutrition is vital to your health.



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